My name is Meredith Burke. I'm a graphic designer and illustrator living and working in my beloved hometown of Baltimore, MD.
I'm passionate about helping others connect with their audiences, and more than a little obsessed with best practices. My foundation is built on drawing, reading, writing, organization, critical thinking, and curiosity. I also love to learn and teach, whether it's about new technology or little-known local history. 
My professional skills and experience encompass logo design, brand design & implementation, print production, web design & production, photo editing & compositing, editorial design & layout, digital illustration, design software instruction & tutoring, project management, and copy writing & editing. 
In my free time, I enjoy listening to podcasts; playing Legend of Zelda; knitting; learning about history, culture, and social issues; taking pictures; journaling; and hanging out with my spouse, friends, and cats.
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