My name is Meredith Burke. I'm a graphic designer and illustrator living and working in my beloved hometown of Baltimore, MD. I'm currently Senior Graphic Designer for the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra. 
I'm passionate about helping others connect with their audiences, and more than a little obsessed with best practices. My foundation is built on drawing, reading, writing, organization, critical thinking, and curiosity. And I love to learn and teach, whether it's about new technology or little-known local history. 
My professional skills and experience encompass logo design, brand development & implementation, print production, web design & production, photo editing & compositing, editorial design & layout, digital illustration, design software instruction & tutoring, project management, and copy writing & editing. 
Areas of skill and knowledge that I'd love to improve include user experience, responsive design, animation & motion design, video production, digital photography, and 3D illustration.
In my free time, I enjoy listening to podcasts; knitting; learning about history, culture, and social issues; taking pictures; journaling; and hanging out with my husband John and our cats, Brock Samson and Kaya. When I travel, I typically look for local yarn stores, historic cemeteries, and breweries. 
And if you put any stock in such things...according to Adobe, my Creative Type is "Innovator" (thanks, Adobe Creative Types quiz!)
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